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    Skilled IT Technician
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    A highly skilled IT technician with over five years of experience in the field and information technology, architecture, design concepts, development, and quality analysis.

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    Freelancer en Tolvsrod, Norway
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    Experience with developing solutions for the Microsoft platform. From infrastructure/cloud to the user experience. Server, Web, client and desktop technology. MVC, WPF, Console, Mobile cross-platform Xamarin, Cordova, IoT.

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    Competent Web Designer
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    A highly skilled in design and implementation in cloud computing, web design and developer for more than 11 years of experience in both Windows and Linux systems.

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    Freelancer en Moscow, Russian Federation
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    All Web Solutions from scratch: DB Architecture (MSSQL, MySQL, DocumentDB) Web-Services (RESTfull, WebAPI, WCF, ServiceStack) Web Application (MVC, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular, TypeScript)

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    Freelancer en Bangalore, India
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    Omnificence is Bangalore based start-up company to provide best class IT services to customers worldwide. It contains engineers with rich experience in variety of technology and solved various industry problems. Our motto is to achieve best quality and highest customer excellence in our service. We have completed so...

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    Freelancer en São Paulo, Brazil
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    Dedicated and results-driven. Highly skilled infrastructure, software & systems architect with more than enough know-how to get your tasks done with quality and professionalism. With 25+ years of experience and speaking 6 languages, this 41 years old Dutch veteran is ready to deliver according to your...


Encontrando Desarrolladores de Azure en Freelancer

Microsoft Azure previously known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing medium and infrastructure offered by Microsoft; providing diversified services that include computation, analytical, storage and networking. The service equips users with wide options of developing, scaling and running application in public cloud via global data centres managed by Microsoft.

Declaration about Azure was made in October 2008 which followed a successful launch on February 1, 2010 as Windows Azure. It was renamed later as Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014 and is renowned for exceptional services such as Platform as a service (Paas) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Microsoft Azure also supports a range of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, .NET and Node.js.

Services offered by Azure to its users:

  • Data storage service offers unstructured and cached cloud storage along with Database as a service offering for SQL and NoSQL.
  • Analytical service is responsible for providing storage along with distributed analytics. It also encompasses big data analytics, real-time analytics, data warehousing, machine learning and data lakes.
  • Web and mobile service features for use and improvement of mobile and web application incorporating characteristics and attributes of API management, notification and reporting.
  • Hybrid integration allows the user to enjoy unlimited benefits of server backup, connecting private and public clouds along with site recovery.
  • Management and security feature support cloud administering managers to efficiently look after Azure deployment, schedule and run jobs and create automation. It also possesses potential of diagnosing and responding to possible cloud security threats.
  • Internet of things is a great tool used for capturing, observing and evaluating data acquired through devices and sensors.
  • Development service successfully enables developers in sharing code, test application and identifying potential issues.
  • Content delivery network service includes media playback, indexing, on-demand streaming and coding.
  • Networking service features virtual networks, load balancing, and domain system name hosting and traffic management.
  • Compute service provides remote application access shouldered with virtual machines, containers and batch processing.

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