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    Affordable Asterisk Integrator
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    Expert in jobs related to Asterisk PBX gsm gateway, PBX server, open vpn, Asterisk configuration and many more, accepts single and bulk projects, guaranteed lowest rates.

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    Freelancer en Mytishchi, Russian Federation
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    Work with VoIP and PSTN, experience with the signaling protocols: SIP, SDP, RTP, IAX2, H323, SS7, TLS, SRTP. Interfaces DAHDI, AMI, AGI, PRI. Setting up and supporting Call centre, about 30 operators. Setting up VoIP using Asterisk, dialplan creating, developing Asterisk code, PHP, bash. Assisting developers with...

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    Affordable Asterisk Solutions
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    Reliable Asterisk PBX consultant for 3 years, has experienced working as a freelance Asterisk solution specialist, accepts asterisk configuration and extension.

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    Asterisk Application Professional
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    Versatile asterisk integrator, accepts all Asterisk services such as ViOP panel, gsm gateway, and Asterisk configuration services, all in affordable rates and flexible schedule.

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    Freelancer en Santo Domingo, United States
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    hi, im trying to get ahead here doing some jobs, i have 8 years of expertise making good installations of VOIP Devices and OS, also Setting up IP PBX gateways as Elastix, Asterisk, Freeswitch, FreePBX, A2Billing, ASTPP, 3CX, OpenVBX and Kazoo, also SMS Systems Like PlaySMS, Jazmin and Kannel, if you give me the job...

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    Custom Asterisk PBX System Services
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    Certified professional Asterisk PBX developer, willing to handle internationalization Asterisk projects, finish projects on the deadline without delay.


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Planning to launch a telephone helpline for your customers? Don’t be hassled. All you need is a Private Branch Exchange or PBX and Asterix software to set up a telephonic helpline. Asterix is a software for implementation of a telephone PBX. The software helps linked telephones to make calls and to connect to other telephonic services like a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Asterisk derives its name from the asterisk symbol. It was created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium and released with a dual license model using GNU General Public License as a free software license and a proprietary software license. The software was first designed for Linux and now runs on a variety of operating systems such as NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris.

Using Asterisk doesn’t need a large space or infrastructure. It can be easily implemented within a small space itself. The software has complete self-constrained versions that can easily boot from storage devices such as a flash drive or external disk drive. One can also use a live CD or a virtual machine.

Features like voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response and automatic call distribution make this software a chosen one among many software available for call management. The software also allows creations of various kinds of functionalities by the user like writing dial plan scripts in Asterisk’s own extension languages and adding various custom loadable modules written in C.

Asterisk also supports a range of standard Voice Over IP protocols like Media Gateway Control Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol and H.323. Over and above VoIP protocols, Asterisk also supports a range of traditional circuit switching protocols like ISDN and SS7.

Switching to more non-technical terms, Asterisk PBX can help you in a range of ways, some of which is given below:

  • Asterisk uses your own LAN network and hence is more secured
  • Through intelligent VoIP based call routing, Asterisk can help you manage costs
  • Asterisk PBX is easier to configure and install than other phone systems
  • IP based PBX system is easier to manage than proprietary systems
  • IP based PBX is easier to shift in case you shift your location

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