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Revised Solar Reflector

I tried looking for a more elegant packaging solution. I provided two different stands, a conventional one and a more sculptural one. I went with the trapezoid/cone shape for the housing unit because I thought it would provide better leverage for the mounting arms. I hope that all the necessary equipment can fit inside. If not I can adjust the dimensions. Let me know if there are any alterations or additional equipment you need. Hope you like it.

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  • arobles3
    • 7 años atrás

    Is there anything else I can do to improve this design? I can do some drawings of the internals if you'd like. I was thinking of having screw drive linear actuators push/pull those arms along their track. There would be one actuator to each arm, and they would be mounted flush against each side of the enclosure. They would push up against a linkage pinned to the end of the arm, similar to how the steam catapult below deck on an aircraft carrier pushes the plane above deck ( .I figured this would be a more efficient configuration, as its easier to hold dumbbells straight above your head than it is held out from you sides. I also thought this configuration allowed for the fewest moving parts, and also minimized the amount of moving parts exposed to the elements. It would also be steadier and easier to control, which should make for a more focused and accurate beam of light.

    • 7 años atrás