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Design 1

Hi CH, Please look at our design and give us your feedback. If you need to do any changers please feel free to contact us. Thank you, Revivi5.

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  • Revivi5
    • 3 años atrás

    Hi, Thank you very much for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you liked our design. :)

    Yes we can remove the background and save in .PNG format. Then you will be able to add without the background.

    We will update and send the PNG files without the background.

    • 3 años atrás
  • Chess1092
    Organizador del concurso
    • 3 años atrás

    Excellent .. this is perfect all 3 angles I want. You the only one who did it right too ... also when I put it to a background I need the white space to be removed so how to do I do that ?? Or is there a way you can clip the white space from around the book and just save the book with the white space around it removed so when I put it to background it's not showing up

    • 3 años atrás