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Our website is a bit like AirBnb for storage space. Our clients can publish the storage space they want to rent out. The users of the website can search for storage at a specific location and time and can book it.

The outcome of the project shall not just include a visual design but also a simple mock to try the usability. We suggest to use plain HTML5 and CSS (JS if required). Desired browser to be operated on is Chrome. Supported resolutions shall range from FullHD to 4K. Smartphone shall be supported in a minimalistic approach.


General: The website does not require login to search for results, but if a user wants to publish

a location, he must sign in. If the user is signed in, on the top right edge a button “Manage” occurs which leads to the management page.

1 Landing Page (see landing page image attached)

a) Select region (or everywhere)
b) Select timeframe
c) Select Space [m²]

2 Main Page (see main page image attached)

a) As inspiration and hint see [login to view URL] (reference 1)
b) Headerline which shows region name
c) Categories Filter (see below)
d) The screen is splitted into a tableView (left) and a mapView (right)
e) The split edge is customisable and adapts according to screen resolution
f) TableView: Gives a textual description of the objects /spaces which can be rented. Each table row should at least include an image, address, size [m²], price
g) MapView: Gives a geographical overview of the spaces to rent. The map is based on [login to view URL],13.83145,14,normal
h) The map visualizes the location of storage using markers which correspond to the results shown in the tableView.
i) Site also has a footer which contains contact information, GDPR, and Copyright Statement

3 Detail Page: (see detail page image attached)

a) If the user clicks a location (TableView) the detailPage shall be loaded. The header of the page should at least contain the logo. On the top the pictures of the location (carousel) are visible (at least 5), hence a map shall be visible in the same column.

b) Below the preview images we allow the user to describe the location in a text and show the exact address and the owner's name with the key facts of the facility.

c) Below the description we give the price information per day /week /month and also the total price if the user has entered a timeframe

d) Below the price information we show all categories (see below) with checkboxes and entry fields etc.

4 Management Page: (no image attached)

Gives an overview which storage space a client is offering and for which price (list view). Hence he is able to create a record for new storage space. The user must be able to fill all records which are required by the Main Page and Detail View.

5 Categories: (see categories image attached) this is not a page, rather shows the categories for filtering and for the data which need to be provided by our clients to characterize storage space

a) Space
Square meter vs. Number of pallets, Ceiling Height, max. Weight (all fields are textual entry fields)

b) Temperature
Not controlled, Ambient, Chilled, Frozen (all fields are check boxes)

c) Storage Capabilities
Hazardous Chemicals, Container, Outdoor (all fields are check boxes)

d) Safety and Security
24/7 Security, 24/7 Access, Patrolled, Caged, Sprinklered, Alarmed, Fenced Yard (all fields are check boxes)

e) Equipment
Reach Truck, Crane, Trailer Parking (all fields are check boxes)

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  • Gemyy
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    look At #5 , please , and tell me inbox about what do you think , i thinking outside the box , looking for website that working with the same field , and that's the result

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    • 1 mes atrás

    My Entry #3

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