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Website Design

Please check the Design concepts and view in tablet and desktop . I hope you will like the Design concepts.

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  • x11joe
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    • 6 años atrás

    I like some of the ideas in here, a few things, for desktop, try putting the form straight into the page like my existing site, it works well to capture leads. Also, I like the social media links, but the we don't need recent tweets in the footer, or recent works, or about us, footer can be simple. Also if we use before and after photos they need to actually be the same pool, its not clear to me that is the same pool per say. Try moving the contact form into the carousel, I can always have it always floating over it. Not sure I'm liking how gold,silver,bronze looks Maybe try something else there, and make sure to say 'Starting At', next to the prices.

    • 6 años atrás