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submission of jpegs till 20th page

submission of jpegs till 20th page, will have to submit last 3 pages in another entry as this is not accepting. pdf is also not accepted. please bear with this. thank you and sorry in advance!

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  • jyung2010
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    aartirazdan333 -mmm.. Your file LACKS creativity!
    Attempt to add more creative visual cues
    (maybe google different type
    of colors and their meaning FYI blue is the
    world favorite color, TRY to revise the whole
    file based the meaning of different colors along
    what s being said concenring the text context)

    Attempt to add more creative visual cues
    for the areas (the file) where there are less creativity
    (Maybe add creativity chart, mindmap, presentation,
    different files, a creative learning tool if
    possible to make it look good, short, & organized, etc etc)

    Give or Take Video Link Below on Presentation may or may not assistant with this particular creativity task:
    Professional Presenting Rules & Skills Training

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