Simple Ideas to Make Your Website Look Nicer

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Wonderful Web design is usually centered around the concept of clean structures and simplicity. If your website needs sprucing up, even little things like getting rid of the clutter and bringing in very consistent design elements can help. Here are some tips to make your website look nicer.

Tip #1: Focus only on the most essential elements.

Ask a friend or focus group what kind of impressions they are currently getting from your site. Through their input, you'll be able to gauge what you want the users to look at first when they visit your page, and what elements should be highlighted. Take out anything unnecessary and keep things simple. 

Tip #2: Reduce the number of pages.

This is really important for both the creator and the users. For the creator, this will make your site fast, strong, and very easy to design. For users, they can get to the main content right away and they don't have to go through entire site to find what they are looking for. 

To achieve this, you can create a site map and see what is being repetitive and what is not being given enough emphasis. For example, ask yourself if you need a FAQ page or a Contact Us page? Can you have your contact info in the header and footer along with a chat box sitting at the edge of your site instead of these pages? These little tweaks will make your site modern and easy to understand. 

Tip #3: Have widescreen or fullscreen content

Having fullscreen content just above the dividing line of the browser is very important, because that is the first impression your users get when they first land on your site. If they see adverts or boring images, its highly likely they will press the close button. However, if you had an interesting quote or picture that captures your user’s attention, then they are more likely to scroll down to look at the actual content you have and would like to know more about what you have to offer. 

Tip #4: Limit the use of excessive colours.

It is very important that you stay focused on what colours and colour palettes you use. Having a few, select colours is more likely to leave a positive impact on your visitors compared to sites that apear too flashy and use a wide variety of colours. Too many colours can look gaudy and confusing, while keeping things minimal with a few colors will look more polished and streamlined.

Publicado 10 diciembre, 2014

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