Marketing Expert Uses Freelancer To Support Her Consultancy Business

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Jessie Weatherley, an Australian marketing expert, has lead teams to success for most of her life. She’s worked several years in a variety of managerial positions for an internationally-recognized health insurance company.

Management and marketing have always been her bread and butter since she majored in both fields during her college years at Monash University. Jessie learned a lot about building a company from scratch and overseeing its growth throughout the years.

As her experience and skills were growing, so did her family.

A Twist of Fate

A year after giving birth to her first child, Jessie preferred working at home rather than returning to the office. It allowed her to spend more time with her newborn. She searched for online opportunities she was qualified to do until a friend of hers suggested she try Freelancer.

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After signing up, she completed her profile and started bidding on projects that involve marketing plans, social media strategy and execution, copywriting, market research, PR and media relations.

“Freelancer gave me a sense of purpose and helped me feel useful again. It provided me with work other than being a mom,” mentioned Jessie.

Mother, Freelancer, Entrepreneur

Three years later, Jessie now owns a local marketing consultancy firm. But, she still turns to Freelancer for clients, especially during months where there are not many local clients.

“Freelancer still contributes a significant part of my annual turnover. Freelancer provides a steady stream of work and I wouldn't be in business without it!” said Jessie.

Aside from the projects she receives, she chooses Freelancer for the following reasons:

“I have also found the security of Freelancer to be exceptional. The Milestone Payment method protects employers and employees in transacting,” shared Jessie. “Now that I am a Preferred Freelancer, I’ve noticed how recruiters dedicate their time in understanding me and what I offer. Thus, they are able to refer me better. The relationship with them has been beneficial and has ensured a great outcome for the employers.”

Marketing Expert Uses Freelancer To Support Her Consultancy Business - Image 1

Jessie’s biggest takeaway from working as a freelancer is the invaluable time she spends with her children since both her kids are toddlers. Whenever her kids are asleep, you can find Jessie on her laptop working on several projects at the same time.

Great Opportunities

Working on projects from Freelancer has greatly boosted Jessie’s business in terms of revenue and growth. One of her most recent projects involved writing a Social Media Recruitment Training Course for an Australian company where she earned AUD3,350. Since Jessie worked part-time on the project, she spent eight hours a day at most for five days to get the job done.  

“The money on Freelancer is great. I think as Freelancer gets bigger and more people understand the power of crowdsourcing it will only get stronger. I see this as the way of the future for work and I am so excited to be in on it at the ground level -- it will only get better,” said Jessie.

Jessie’s marketing consultancy business greatly benefits from the portfolio she’s developed on Freelancer. Working with international clients speaks volumes of her experience and skill, which leads to better chances of getting hired for local projects.

From a mother who just wanted to work at home and spend time with her kid, to a business owner spearheading global projects, Jessie's time and effort spent working on projects have paid off. Not only has she earned significantly, but she has furthered even more her already impressive resume.

Her consultancy business has a long way to go. But with Freelancer’s assistance, she need not worry.  

In need of a marketing plan or social media strategies for your business? Hire Jessie and get the best results.

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Publicado 17 marzo, 2017

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